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8.3.28 skygrid

Plots an additional axis grid on the celestial sphere. This can be overlaid on the default sky axis grid so that axes for multiple sky coordinate systems are simultaneously visible.

Note that some of the configuration items for this plotter, such as grid line antialiasing and the decimal/sexagesimal flag, are inherited from the values set for the main sky plot grid.

Usage Overview:

   layerN=skygrid gridsysN=equatorial|galactic|supergalactic|ecliptic
                  gridcolorN=<rrggbb>|red|blue|... transparencyN=0..1
                  labelposN=Internal|None crowdN=<number>

All the parameters listed here affect only the relevant layer, identified by the suffix N.


   stilts plot2sky xpix=500 ypix=250 projection=aitoff
                   layer1=skygrid gridsys1=galactic gridcolor1=HotPink labelpos1=none

crowdN = <number>       (Double)
Determines how closely sky grid lines are spaced. The default value is 1, meaning normal crowding. Larger values result in more grid lines, and smaller values in fewer grid lines.

[Default: 1]

gridcolorN = <rrggbb>|red|blue|...       (Color)
The color of the plot grid, given by name or as a hexadecimal RGB value.

The standard plotting colour names are red, blue, green, grey, magenta, cyan, orange, pink, yellow, black, light_grey, white. However, many other common colour names (too many to list here) are also understood. The list currently contains those colour names understood by most web browsers, from AliceBlue to YellowGreen, listed e.g. in the Extended color keywords section of the CSS3 standard.

Alternatively, a six-digit hexadecimal number RRGGBB may be supplied, optionally prefixed by "#" or "0x", giving red, green and blue intensities, e.g. "ff00ff", "#ff00ff" or "0xff00ff" for magenta.

[Default: light_grey]

gridsysN = equatorial|galactic|supergalactic|ecliptic       (SkySys)
The sky coordinate system used for the additional grid axes.

The available options are:

[Default: equatorial]

labelposN = Internal|None       (SkyAxisLabeller)
Controls how and whether the numeric annotations of the lon/lat axes are displayed.

The available options are:

[Default: Internal]

transparencyN = 0..1       (Double)
Transparency with which components are plotted, in the range 0 (opaque) to 1 (invisible). The value is 1-alpha.

[Default: 0]

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