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A.2.2 Current Table Properties panel

The Current Table Properties panel on the right hand side of the Control Window contains a number of controls which relate to the currently selected table and its Apparent properties; they will be blank if no table is selected. Here is what the individual items mean:

The short name associated with the selected table. It is used in the Table List panel and in labelling view windows so you can see which table they refer to. It usually set initially according to where the table came from, but you can change it by typing into the text field.
The original source of the selected table. This is typically a filename or URL (perhaps abbreviated), but may be something else depending on where the table came from.
A name associated with the selected table. This may be derived from the table's filename if it had one or from some naming string stored within the table metadata.
The number of rows in the selected table. If the current Row Subset does not include all the rows, then an indication of how many are visible within that subset will be given too.
The number of columns in the selected table. If some are currently hidden (not included in the current Column Set), an indication of how many are visible will be given too.
Sort Order
The column (if any) which determines the current Row Order. A selector shows the column (if any) on which the rows of the Apparent Table are sorted and allows you to choose a different one. The little arrow beside it indicates whether the sort is ascending or descending.
Row Subset
The name of the current Row Subset. A selector shows the name of the subset which determines which rows are part of the Apparent Table and allows you to choose another one. "All" indicates that all rows are included. If you select a new value using this selector, then other windows which display subset-sensitive information for the current table will change their displayed subset to the newly-selected one. However the reverse does not happen - you can change the visible subset in the statistics window for instance or one of the graphics windows and it will not affect the value displayed here.
Activation Action
The currently selected Activation Action. The action can be changed by clicking on this button to display the Activation Window.

The Broadcast Row checkbox to the right is a shortcut for one useful activation action; it corresponds to the Activation Window's option Transmit Row to All Listeners - that is it means that any other tools talking to TOPCAT using SAMP or PLASTIC will be informed about a row activation any time it happens. This checkbox will be greyed out if no suitable messaging protocol is in use (see Section 9).

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