Treeview version history

This gives a list of the changes made at each released version of Treeview.

 Version 1.1

Released on the Starlink Spring 2002 CD-rom.

 Version 1.4

Was released on the Starlink Winter 2002 CD-rom.

 Version 2.0

26 November 2002.
Version 2.0-1 (29 November 2002)
Version 2.0-2 (9 December 2002)
Version 2.0-3 (18 December 2002)
Version 2.0-4 (20 January 2003)

Version 2.1-0 (10 February 2003)

Many of the known data nodes can now be created from a stream of data rather than a file on disk. This means that most node types can be viewed directly by naming them with a URL, or from compressed files on disk, or within a zip/jar or tar archive. Combinations are quite possible, so for instance you could view the data in a compressed FITS file within a zip file within a compressed tar file obtained using HTTP without having to do any explicit retrieval/unpacking. The main exception to this functionality is HDS/NDF files, which need to be on a physical disk to be accessed.

A list of the new features is as follows:

Version 2.1-1 (11 February 2003)
Version 2.1-2 (14 March 2003)
Version 2.1-3 (4 June 2003)

Version 2.2

(August 2003)