PLatform for AStronomical Tool InterConnection toolkit.


Interface Summary
PlasticApplication Defines the behaviour of a PLASTIC application.
PlasticConnection Simple interface describing a connnection to a hub.

Class Summary
ApplicationItem Represents an application which has been registered with a PLASTIC hub.
BasicApplication Basic implementation of the PlasticApplication interface.
HubManager Class which keeps track of registering and unregistering with the PLASTIC hub on behalf of a listening application.
HubTester Runs tests on an existing PlasticHubListener object.
MessageDefinition Describes PLASTIC messages known to this package.
MessageId Convenience class containing URI constants for some of the standard PLASTIC message definitions.
MinimalHub Minimal PLASTIC hub implementation.
PlasticHub Plastic hub implementation which provides some user friendly featuers such as logging, message validation, a ListModel which keeps track of registered applications, and a PlasticHub.main(java.lang.String[]) method to start it up.
PlasticListWindow Window for displaying a JList of PLASTIC applications.
PlasticMonitor Watches and reports on messages sent over a PLASTIC message bus.
PlasticRequest PLASTIC client designed for use from the command line which can execute a request.
PlasticTransmitter Provides actions for transmitting messages of a particular kind using PLASTIC.
PlasticUtils Utility methods for use with the PLASTIC tool interop protocol.
ServerSet Provides the servers (XML-RPC and RMI-LITE) which are required for a functioning hub.
ValueType Defines the type of a value which is passed through the PLASTIC messaging system.

Exception Summary
HubTestException Exception thrown to indicate failure of a hub test.
NoHubException Thrown if it seems that no PLASTIC hub is currently running.
ValueTypeException Exception thrown when a value passed by a PLASTIC call does not match the ValueType it is supposed to have.

Package Description

PLatform for AStronomical Tool InterConnection toolkit. This package provides a lightweight and standalone set of classes for use with the PLASTIC protocol.

PlasticHub is a hub implementation. HubManager and PlasticUtils provide useful functions for applications which want to use PLASTIC functionality, either invoking or supporting requests. PlasticMonitor and PlasticRequest are standalone utilities useful for monitoring and manipulating PLASTIC activity from the command line.

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