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Package diva.canvas.tutorial

A set of tutorials for the Diva canvas.

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Package diva.canvas.tutorial Description

A set of tutorials for the Diva canvas. Each class in this package illustrates how to use one key aspect of the canvas. Each class is self-contained, so that you can see all of the code in one place, and as short as possible given the constraints of making them somewhat realistic. The classes are further broken into small methods, each illustrating one key point.

All of the tutorials show some common code in the constructor that creates an instance of JCanvas and places it into a frame. The code is:

  canvas = new JCanvas();
  graphicsPane = (GraphicsPane)canvas.getCanvasPane();

  BasicFrame frame = new BasicFrame("Simple canvas tutorial", canvas);

(Where canvas and graphicsPane are private variables of the class.) Every JCanvas contains a top-level canvas pane, which in turn contains layers. By default, the top-level pane is an instance of GraphicsPane. BasicFrame is part of the diva.gui package and contains the JCanvas in its content pane.

To run a particular tutorial, simply move to the diva/canvas/tutorial directory and type:

  make FigureTutorial
(where FigureTutorial is replaced by the class you want to run). A Java window will appear where you can see and manipulate the figures.

For a slightly larger example, see the package diva.canvas.demo.

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